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   The City of Brave and Hospitable people Peshawar
غيرت مند اور مهمان نواز افراد كا شهر پشاور

  Baab-e-Kheyber        باب خيبر

PESHAWAR      The Capital and the largest city of the North West Frontier Province (N.W.F.P),
Peshawar, has enjoyed tremendous historical, Military and political importance because of the
Khyber Pass which has been a vintage point as a gateway for invaders of the sub-continent. 
Peshawar derives its name from a Sanskrit word 'Pushpapura', meaning the city of flowers.
Peshawar's flowers were even mentioned in Mughal Emperor Babur's memoirs.
         It has an area of 1257 sq. km and a population of about 950,000 souls.
The N.W.F.P capital is divided into three sections, the old city, cantonment and a modern
residential area

       Its climate and weather conditions are regraded as the Pakistan's healthiest climate.
With average temperatures of 30-35 C, Peshawar is one the popular tourist attraction site
around the year.

        On the road to the Khyber, there is a long line of educational and research institutions,
such as the Academy of Rural Development, the Teachers Training College, the North Regional
Laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and many others. 

        But the pride of Peshawar today is its University of Peshawar, a vast sprawling garden
town of red brick buildings and velvet lawns, which comprises a dozen departments and
Colleges of Law, Medicine, Engineering and Forestry. Special mention must be made of the
Islamia College, which was the pioneer national Institution that ignited the torch of
enlightenment in this region, 67 years ago.

    Islamia College Peshawar   اسلاميه كالج 

          The Islamia College, founded in 1913, with the object of imparting knowledge of modern sciences,
along with a thorough grounding in the precepts and the principles of Islam to the youth of the North
West Frontiers of this country, has grown from strength to strength during its existence of a little less
then a century. The college prepares students in all science subjects and the humanities for the
Intermediate Examinations of the Peshawar Board of Secondary Education and for the Degree
examinations of the University of Peshawar. In spite of the fact that now Degree colleges have been setup
at all district headquarters and Intermediate College practically in all Tehsils of the former
N.W.F.Province(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), there is a great scramble for admission to this College. But due
to lack of facilities nearly as many application are turned down as number of parents from the tribal
areas and the settled districts want their sons and wards to be educated here even if there is a
College nearer home, as they look upon this institution with a sense of belonging. Its past traditions
and present achievements make it easily the best educational institution in the country. Essentially
the Islamia College is a residential college with 75% of its students and nearly the whole staff living
on the campus like a coterie of scholars seeking and imparting knowledge.

   Chowk Yaad Gaar   چوك يادگار

Chowk Yadgar 
        “The Square of Remembrance” is a famous landmark of Peshawar. Its location at the heart
of the old walled city of Peshawar makes it a must see for every traveler. It is located at the
convergence point of different major roads and bazaars of the old city.The first “Dome Shaped”
monument at this square was originally erected in the memory of Colonel C. Hastings in 1892 AD
by his friends. To the West of Chowk Yadgar is the end of “Ander Shehr Street” (meaning “
inside of the city”) or “Jewelers street”. The Jewelers Street starts from the “Naz Cinema Road”
(right in front of Forward High School) and culminates at Chowk Yadgar. The famous Chowk Yadgar,
is located in the amidst of wide and sprawling convergence point of different major roads and
bazaars of the city, have witnessed agitation stemming from religious, political and international
issues in the country. Commemorative square was originally named in the memory of British
Colonel Hastings. In 1969, the square was dedicated to the heroes of 1965 Indo-Pakistan war.

     Women in Peshawar    عورت كا لباس      

image: peshwari lady and baby

Fort Balahisar                                                                                                     

Fort Balahisar

 Bus on the busy road

Colourfull Peshawar Trucks

Chapli Kabab

Gora Qabristan

Mohalla Sethian Peshawar

kohati gate

Old Picture of Sadar


Clock Tower Peshawar

Gonernment Higher Scecondry School No. 3 ( My School )


Islamia College


Islamia College

Old SikhTemple in Hashtnagari

Kabuli Gate in old Times

Bairoon Kabuli Gate (Khyber Bazar)

Asia Gate

Ganj Gate

Peshawar Musium

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